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about me


m homemade was created in 2019 and is dedicated to being a source of inspiration for the home. The blog serves as a guide for interior design, home decor, DIYs, recipes, thrifting, style, beauty, and more. Through m homemade, Meaghan gives tips, ideas, and inspiration on how to bring beauty, coziness, and ease to the home. She started m homemade as a way to document everything she loves about making the home a beautiful place to live in.



Meaghan Lawler is a San Diego based designer, blogger, artist, and founder of m homemade blog. She grew up always passionate about house design, interior design, home décor, and homemade creations. Her eye for design came at a very young age and now, her passion for design has grown into her professional life as she pursues her career in the design industry. Meaghan’s design focus is a modern take on a traditional style incorporating ideas for a cozy, trendy, and unique home. She hopes through this blog she can provide inspiration to others with tips, tricks, and ideas to elevate daily life in the home.


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